Handy LaTeX packages for scientific publishing

Academic publications in the area of computer science (actually, most natural sciences, as well) are often prepared using the LaTeX typesetting system. LaTeX is great for a number of reasons. It separates content from presentation and, thereby, allows authors to concentrate on one without worrying too much about the other. While pure LaTeX already offers a large number of options for authors, its full power really stems from the abundance of specialized packages available for almost everything related to typesetting and page layout.

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Alles geht, Alles kommt zurück; ewig rollt das Rad des Seins.
Alles stirbt, Alles blüht wieder auf, ewig läuft das Jahr des Seins.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

So, everything comes around and repeats itself. This blog returns as well. A restart after a server migration and four years of hiatus. But why? Just because I’m currently feeling like writing. First, to document stuff for myself. What’s up. What’s happening. Plus, I have a bit of material. Nerdy, but sometimes philosophical, as well. Probably also due to a certain degree of escapism. Experience shows that your flat never tends to be as tidy as during exams, and actually my thesis is in bad need of being completed. Anyway, I’ll try to catch my thoughts here. If anyone enjoys it – great. If not, I’ll reap some benefit for myself, at least. I’ll know if that works in a year. Or two. Doesn’t matter… the important thing is (like everywhere in live) the experience gained on the way, no? :)

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