BibTeX as a Webservice

I just wrote a small Webservice that creates a nicely formatted list of references in PDF format from a raw BibTeX file. I have needed that a few times already. Since I was cleaning up my computer and didn’t want to lose the functionality, I “outsourced it to the cloud”, so to speak :)

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5 Responses to BibTeX as a Webservice

  1. GUGLIELMO says:

    die Tex -Code funktioniert perfekt , dank Guglielmo

  2. Richa says:

    Hi Andreas Fischer,

    I am trying to convert my bibtex file to PDF but in R

    Is it possible to incorporate your script into R?
    Or you have any suggestion on it

    • boc says:

      Hey Richa,

      Probably your best bet is to install a TeX distribution and call pdflatex/bibtex via a shell command. I believe the respective function in R is called “system”. You’ll need a LaTeX template file for this — you can use the one at the bottom of the web page above. Just replace “$YOUR_FILE” with the file name of your bibtex file (or the respective script variable).

  3. Mosemghvdlishvili Lela says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this service.
    It was very helpful to export out the whole bibliography of more than 700 documents in one file from Mendeley.

    Wish you much strength!

  4. miriam rivera says:

    Thank you.

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