[:en]Speeding up consumption of daily news articles[:]

[:en]In nowadays web it is easy to come up with a huge list of websites to check for daily updates. News, comics, blogs, … one would like to check them all, regularly. To keep up-to-date with websites, RSS feeds are an invaluable tool, and feed aggregators help to bring order into our surfing habits. For those who use multiple machines, like me, having an online database that keeps track of which articles one has already seen and which ones are new, is really a great time-saver. The TinyTinyRSS team has done an outstanding job of providing just that functionality.

I have been using a privately hosted TinyTinyRSS instance for quite some time now. Unfortunately, lately the web interface started to become increasingly sluggish. That made me think: Why not write a (small) program that provides me with just the functionality I need on a daily basis — show unread articles and, on demand, open them in a web browser. Luckily, the TinyTinyRSS folks have created a nice RESTful API. Tinkering around with Python for a few days I could get a wrapper for the API and two small scripts (one graphical, one console-based) which provide me with exactly the needed functionality.

The code could be useful for others, as well (writing a full-blown TinyTinyRSS desktop client comes to mind). It is available on my GitHub page, project pyttrss. Comments and critique are very welcome :)[:]

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